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We’ve never seen (or tasted) anything quite like it. We’re talking perfectly cooked pasta, customised to your liking and inspired by your fave dishes from all over the world—not just Italy.

There are three simple steps to dining at Solo Pasta. First of all, you choose your flavour—classic, beetroot and spinach pasta. Then you choose the length, because yes, they sell their delicious homemade pasta by the metre. In a standard bowl, you'll find three metres but you can feel free to add on as many metres of heavenly goodness as you like. Keep it coming.

Next it's time for sauces, which are split into tomato bases (think your classic Italian bolognese), cream bases (carbonara and butternut pumpkin), and olive oil (paired with the likes of cherry tomatoes or chilli prawns). While you can't really go wrong, we’re obsessed with the lamb tagine flavoured with Moroccan spices or the burnt veggies with onion, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato and zucchini.

Already pleasing the masses with their delicious gluten-free options, Solo Pasta are now taking the plunge into vegan dishes. That's right, vegans around Perth can now indulge in endless metres of delicious pasta, and that's something to celebrate.

Those looking to cut down on carbs, should go for the zoodles (read: zucchini noodles) with basil pesto, tender chicken, cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum, pine nuts, and parmesan plus a crunchy cabbage side salad, but if you're not concerned about calories, don't go home without treating yourself to their newly added sticky date dessert pudding with peanut butter swirl ice-cream. Oh, and there's plenty of wine and cocktails to go around, too.

The clincher? These guys have recently given the axe to nasty plastic straws and serve up all their delicious drinks with pasta straws. You can never have too many carbs.

Perfect for date night and catch ups with the whole crew, pasta by the metre is always a good idea.

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